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Exigo Welcomes Gary Fitzgerald as New CEO 

Gary Fitzgerald, CEO Exigo

Dallas, TX – Exigo, a pioneer and global leader in direct selling software, is delighted to announce Gary Fitzgerald as its new Chief Executive Officer. Fitzgerald is set to lead Exigo with a vision that prioritizes technological innovation, strategic growth, customer success, and empowering corporate culture. 

As the CEO, Fitzgerald is committed to: 

  • Crafting and communicating Exigo’s vision, building on the company’s number one position and toward helping Exigo customers grow their businesses. 
  • Building on Exigo’s existing product foundations, ensuring that the company stays at the forefront of the direct selling software industry. 
  • Introducing a series of initiatives designed to streamline workflows and enhance product offerings to meet our customers’ evolving needs. 
  • Strategically using data, metrics, and KPIs to continuously track success.  
  • Cultivating a transparent organizational culture that makes for better employees and better partnerships. 

A Storied Career in Technology and Leadership 

Prior to joining Exigo, Fitzgerald honed his leadership skills at General Electric for over 20 years, experiencing a wide range of business environments from thriving to challenging. His tenure at GPS Insight, marked by a consistent 25% annual growth over five years, showcases his ability to drive expansion through strategic leadership and a robust growth framework. Gary has: 

  • Successfully transitioned business ownership models while at the helm. 
  • Led multiple acquisitions and mergers, focused on building a cutting-edge platform to meet customers’ needs. 
  • Achieved significant revenue increases, showcasing exceptional financial leadership. 

Strong Leadership into the Future 
Gary Fitzgerald’s leadership philosophy is intricately linked to his extensive experience in the tech sector, where he has consistently used innovations to tackle complex challenges. His strategic mindset is complemented by a genuine commitment to fostering an environment where every team member is equipped to excel and evolve professionally. His dedication to creating this supportive and adaptable corporate culture will accelerate Exigo’s trajectory towards unprecedented growth and market leadership. 

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