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Keeping Our Word

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Making Good On Our Promise

We have even better news

In our March newsletter, we announced that we were going to open up the client.dll file to each of our current clients so you’ll have access to your own custom code that makes your instance of Exigo work the way you want it to. We have even better news this month!

Here’s what you need to know:
1. We said we’d open up the client.dll so you could make your own modifications.
2. We kept our word: Now you can. Here’s how:
3. Be up to date on your payments, and 
4. Call your Client Success Manager and ask to be added to the conversion queue.
5. Have fun editing your own custom code when yours is converted.

We’re making good on that promise! You can now have access to your own custom code, which means you can make your own modifications to it in house, if you want to, and if you qualify, which each of our clients should. And if not, we want to help you qualify. All new clients who have signed on with Exigo within the last two weeks won’t need to be converted because they are provisioned on the new format.

Here are the two simple requirements:

  1. You must call your Client Success Manager and request to be put into the conversion queue. If you had customizations made prior to launching Exigo for your organization, or if you’ve had customizations since then, those have to be converted over to the new format. That is a manual process and it also involves testing before we release it back to you.
  2. You must be up-to-date on your payments. This just makes sense. If you are behind on payments, don’t worry. It’s easy to remedy that. And once you’re up to date, get in line and we’ll convert your client.dll in turn. No problem.

That’s it. Yes, it’s that simple.

Don’t panic. You have help!

Here’s a bit more information you can use while getting ready to take advantage of this great functionality. We have already posted a lot of information in the Hook Helper Guide on our developer help website that will give you a head start and teach you some of the amazing things you’ll be able to do with your own custom code. By modifying it you’ll be able to both override and/or add to the workflows within the Exigo platform.

Here’s an example of why you’d want to modify your custom code: say you want the system to automatically notify someone when a certain process takes place, like when an order is submitted on a certain product line, or some other trigger is tripped, you can add that into the appropriate workflow. If you want to change what happens during a certain workflow or even completely override it with your own process, go for it. Customize the workflows that make sense for your business. The documentation on that help site above has an overview of the hooks you can tap into, and it also explains how to use those hooks.

But let’s say that your Exigo platform is working just like you want it to, which will likely be the case for most clients. Then you don’t have to do anything. It will work as it has in the past; it will be business as usual. This is just for those clients who want to extend the platform to make it work a little more like they do.

Know your stuff before you dig

But a word to the wise: this functionality is not to be trifled with by the faint of heart. You’ll want to have quite a solid grasp on the C# programming language, or have someone on staff that does, to get into that code. Once a knowledgeable programmer starts playing around with your code and learning what and how things can be manipulated, they’ll be very impressed with what we’ve opened up to them.

Wait! There’s more!

With that said, that’s not all you should know: You can also have our development partners customize your code for you too. The beauty of this entire strategy is that you now have the freedom to customize it how you want to and are not limited to who can help you modify it. For example, we have a preferred development partner, SolutionStream, that has been working specifically with the Exigo code base for years. They intimately know how it works and how to manipulate it. SolutionStream is a wise choice if you need customizations done.

Freedom is the name of the game

And just so you know, this level of freedom to customize your own code base is not available from any other vendor on any other platform. You see, Exigo continues to be the pioneer in the direct selling industry by providing the most powerful and open platform—anywhere.

We know your data is your data, and we want to help you access every point of it how you’d like to. So customize it, modify it, make it work how you want. We’ll be right here to ensure you have the freedom you want and need. Because it’s your data.

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