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Top 5 Reasons to Go With Exigo

In the fast-paced world of direct sales, leading companies need innovation to drive growth, enhance customer experiences, and streamline operations. As the #1 direct sales platform, Exigo is the ultimate choice to stabilize your technology and achieve sustainable success. Our sales and product teams got together to share the Top 5 reasons direct sales companies choose to “Go with Exigo. Check out this list and let’s connect:”

With commissions, what took us 10 to 12 hours of processing time, but 24 hours of elapsed time … now takes us no more than 45 minutes with Exigo.”
— Steve McCarthy, VP of Finance, Corporate Controller, Rodan + Fields 

“The Exigo commission run takes about a fifth of the amount of time that ours historically did.”
— Charlie Sanborn, VP of Software Engineering, Young Living

Simply put, no one does commissions at scale like Exigo. Exigo’s commission technology is used to process billions of dollars in transactions and hundreds of millions of dollars in commissions every month. This deep experience Exigo possesses makes it possible to dramatically impact direct sales businesses immediately.

Exigo’s commissions engine is a powerful tool that allows network marketing companies to calculate and distribute commissions to distributors accurately and efficiently, no matter the market. Here’s how nearly 200 direct sales companies talk about it:

“Flexible and Customizable”
  • Can handle any bespoke compensation plan
  • Scales from dozens of nodes in a tree to tens of millions
  • Exigo’s experts optimize for maximum payout and effectiveness
“Accurate, up-to-the-minute insights into all commission data”
  • Track performance and monitor commissions
  • User-friendly and intuitive
“Easily track and test potential changes to autoships and subscriptions”
  • Experiment with different comp plan types and structures
  • Ensures data-driven decisions
“Great Visualization Tool for Inventory Management”
  • Manage tree movements
  • Ensures payout efficiency and success can be maximized

“The goal was twofold: eliminate technical debt and modernize the commission system to keep pace with industry standards.”
— Ben Riley, President, Young Living

“With Exigo focused on commissions, we’ve been able to bring on additional team members that can focus on new innovation, new diverse populations of consultants and customers.”
— Steve Dee, Chief Information Officer, Rodan + Fields

Exigo’s expertise in migrating clients from legacy home-grown solutions or providers that have become unwieldy is unmatched. With over 400 successful migrations, Exigo streamlines the transition process, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum ROI. By leveraging Exigo’s advanced APIs and SDKs, you can reduce development costs on back-office systems and replicated websites, while simultaneously boosting product sales and sign-ups. When faced with the dreaded ‘buy v. build/maintain’, take control of your tech stack with Exigo and drive results!

Once migrated and stabilized, your global expansion aligns perfectly with Exigo’s capabilities. With a presence in 120 countries, supporting 40 currencies, and available in 30 languages, Exigo offers a truly global solution tailored to international expansion. By partnering with Exigo, your company can join a network of prestigious clients, including industry giants like company, Rodan & Fields, Young Living, LR Health, and Medifast.   Exigo’s track record of success with the top direct sales companies speaks for itself, making it the ideal partner.

“From a straight ROI perspective, we’re going to get a very strong ROI going with Exigo. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it.”
— Steve McCarthy, VP of Finance/Corporate Controller, Rodan + Fields

“It would’ve been extremely expensive if we tried to do it ourselves. … We’d rather be a part of a growing industry platform than have it all in-house. So, I think at the end of the day, we have saved money.”
— Derrick Raynes, Co-Owner and CSO, Truvy

As a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) provider, Exigo offers a predictable monthly rate, eliminating the uncertainty associated with traditional software licensing models. You can redirect your technology team’s efforts towards initiatives that differentiate your brand and drive innovation, rather than tying up resources on legacy infrastructure. 

With Exigo’s advanced tools and responsive support, you may achieve greater efficiency and agility in your operations, translating into a tangible, predictable ROI in a notoriously unpredictable industry.

“When we looked at Exigo, it felt like it was something that we could scale up with, something that we hoped to ever have to move off of a platform again and something where the technology side seemed as innovative as we wanted to be as a company.” 
— Derrick Raynes, Co-Owner and CSO, Truvy

“I think transitioning a legacy system for an enterprise company like ours is not an easy job … For Exigo to grab all that data, scrub it, and run commissions and get it accurate, right from the very first one, I think that was massive.” 
— Prasad Gankanda, COO, Young Living

Your company can rely on Exigo’s 99.99% uptime and robust infrastructure to support large-scale sales events and high traffic, ensuring seamless operations even during peak periods. 

With unparalleled scalability and reliability, you can focus on delivering exceptional experiences to your customers and distributors, without worrying about technical glitches or downtime.

“One of the best decisions we ever made was partnering with Exigo right from the start. We’ve made some mistakes over the years, but our choice in software wasn’t one of them!”
— Laura Brandt, President, IDLife

“Exigo has developed a friendly development ecosystem over so many years that is so baked in now, we really can do everything we need to do. You don’t see that in other Back Office systems, even the ones that claim it.”
— Brian Palmer, CEO, ThinkboxHQ

Gain access to the world’s most robust back-office solution with Exigo, enabling real-time metrics and insights to support your leaders and rising stars. Our back-office capabilities allow you to reward top performers, identify growth opportunities, and drive performance across the organization. Exigo’s comprehensive suite of tools and features can dial in your incentive management processes and foster a culture of success!

Exigo offers a winning combination of global reach, migration expertise, predictable pricing, technical excellence, and robust back-office capabilities. By going with Exigo, you can accelerate your growth trajectory and achieve sustainable success in the competitive global direct sales landscape. 

With Exigo as your trusted partner, your direct sales company can harness the proven, powerful performance of the leader in global incentive management.

Those that Know Go with Exigo

  • Some results are just impossible to replicate on other platforms, especially a legacy or home-grown system. In the past year, Exigo recorded some jaw-dropping milestones, including:
  • Multiple apparel and health clients scaled to $2 billion in annual sales
  • One enterprise instance supports more than 12.6 million nodes in a tree
  • Single enterprise client – 1.5 million orders in a single month
  • Apparel enterprise client – $50 million in sales transactions in a 6-hour flash sale
  • 70,000 concurrent users, traffic increased 10x for a flash sale
  • Single enterprise client – 12,000 orders processed per minute
  • Beauty and Skin Care enterprise client – 43,000 autoships processed in a single day
  • Single Nutrition enterprise client – 73,000 enrollments in a single month
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