Exigo Services

Exigo’s professional services team is dedicated to working fast and fearlessly. With a deep understanding of direct sales, Exigo provides customized solutions tailored to the unique requirements and rule sets of its clients…allowing them to make big changes within their organization and the industry.

Bring Your Own Developers (BYOD)

Direct sales companies can integrate their custom applications and extend the platform’s capabilities using open APIs and SDKs.

Access to Your Data
  • Build custom applications for your platform
  • Unlimited flexibility in direct selling software development
  • Robust access controls restrict third-party access
200+ APIs
  • Exigo offers over 200 APIs (Application Programming Interfaces)
  • Allows for seamless data exchange and communication between Exigo and other systems
  • Get comprehensive documentation, videos, and support for APIs
  • SDKs (Software Development Kits) offer pre-built components and tools to help developers customize and integrate
  • Provides faster and more efficient ways to develop applications
Play in the Sandbox
  • Uses a replica of the production environment & data for testing
  • Build reports using custom-enabled data points
  • Add, remove, or customize access to specific reports

Professional Services

Exigo provides a wide range of consulting, implementation, and customization services to help direct sales companies optimize their use of the Exigo platform and achieve business goals.

End-to-End Services
  • Services to fit the needs of the business and its users
  • Collaborate to make custom differentiating applications
Business Analysts
  • Experts who deeply understand the industry
  • Help to identify and recommend solutions to leverage Exigo
  • Provide valuable insights and strategic guidance
  • Highly skilled and experienced in developing for this industry
  • Use a variety of programming languages, tools, and technologies to develop secure applications
  • Collaborate to ensure expectations are exceeded
Project Management
  • Expert at defining objectives, identifying risks, and establishing a project plan
  • Ensures successful project delivery
  • Communicates project progress, issues, and changes
Database Managed Services
  • Comprehensive support for underlying database infrastructure
  • Includes database administration, monitoring, backup and recovery, and more
  • A reliable and efficient way to ensure platform stability and resilience

3rd-Party Providers

Exigo has a broader ecosystem of partners supporting business operations, enabling businesses to streamline workflows, reduce costs, and improve customer experiences.

Develop Partner Applications
  • Develop custom software applications with virtually any 3rd-party vendor and integrate with the Exigo platform
Integrate into the G7 Platform
  • Leverage partners already integrated with the G7 Platform
  • Talk to any application and allow easy customization from anywhere
  • Achieve greater efficiency, accuracy, and visibility while improving data quality
No 3rd-party Setup Fees
  • No additional setup fees for supported 3rd-party providers
  • Reduces the upfront costs of integrating
  • Accelerates time-to-market for new features
Hybrid with Exigo
  • Work with Exigo and another developer partner to find flexible solutions
  • Options for data synchronization include real-time, scheduled, and custom data integration to maintain consistency and accuracy
  • Take advantage of the cloud’s scalability, security, and reliability while controlling critical data and systems

Integration Partners

It is powerful in helping network marketing companies streamline workflows, reduce costs, and improve customer experiences.

Integrate with 400+ Applications
  • 400 existing applications provide businesses with extensible operations capabilities
  • Automate workflows, saving time and reducing errors
  • Vetted and tested to ensure compatibility, reliability, and security
  • Exigo’s tax integration partners help businesses simplify tax processes, reducing the risk of errors and non-compliance
  • Includes support for multi-jurisdictional taxes, resale taxes, and more
  • Automate tax calculations and reduce manual effort
  • Partners to help manage inventory, shipping, and fulfillment operations
  • Support for a wide range of carriers and modes with automated processes for shipping operations
  • Streamline logistics, reduce costs, and enable on-time delivery
Money-in / Money-out
  • Integrations for financial transactions, from payments and commissions to refunds and chargebacks
  • Support for various payment gateways and methods
  • Reduce manual effort and ensure compliance with regulations