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Markets force businesses to move quick and change directions fast. Exigo clients use the power of the Exigo platform combined with Professional Services to deliver the market growth solutions they desperately need.

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Where Proven Experience Meets Best-in-Class Professional Services

The direct sales industry, generally speaking, gets a bad rap for its technology. In fact, at a recent industry event, Exigo’s CSO, Jack Farris, overheard this sadly funny but realistic claim, “Too many direct sales IT Departments build beasty internal systems as they interpret what the C-suite wants. Instead of a horse, they get a camel.” Read More

Platform & Services

Exigo is a direct selling software platform that provides powerful commission management, distributor back office tools, business analytics, and eCommerce solutions. The platform streamlines many key corporate tasks and processes, from payments and CRM to reporting, commission testing, and order tracking.