When time and performance at scale are of the essence, go with Exigo.

In a study conducted by McKinsey & Company, businesses lose an average of 33% of their earnings when product launches are delayed by six months. Going with Exigo means clients gain competitive advantage being able to release new offerings under tight deadlines.

Tapping into the power of Exigo & Getting to Market

At Exigo, things move quickly—no time for extra meetings and water cooler talk. For more than two decades, Exigo has built its reputation on its platform’s sheer speed and power.

As of Q1 ’23, Exigo recorded some jaw-dropping milestones, including... Read More

Platform & Services

Exigo is a direct selling software platform that provides powerful commission management, distributor back office tools, business analytics, and eCommerce solutions. The platform streamlines many key direct selling processes, from payments and CRM to reporting, commission testing, and order tracking.