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Solution Stories

When the latest trend hits the market, go with Exigo.

Unique Promotions & Huge Order Volume At Exigo, we know staying ahead of the next industry trend is a daunting task for direct sales companies. Our unrivaled flexibility and extensibility enable clients to customize the platform to suit their specific business needs, launching new promotions and campaigns quickly and tracking real-time performance. With Exigo, direct sales […]

When you realize you’re not a software company, go with Exigo.

Precision Accuracy & Speed of Commissions We have heard the horror stories of commission calculations and payments taking up to a whole week at the end of every month or breaking down altogether. With Exigo, commissions are calculated up to the minute and with full visibility. Exigo allows each client to find the dollars in the […]

When time and scale are of the essence, go with Exigo.

Tapping into the power of Exigo & Getting to Market We’ve built our reputation on delivering out-of-the-box tools to help businesses control their destiny and keep up with the pace of their business momentum. The Distributor Back Office solution is a prime example of the power of Exigo, allowing customers to develop content, training, and promotions […]

When your markets need to grow, go with Exigo.

Where Proven Experience Meets Best-in-Class Professional Services Are you facing challenges in expanding your market footprint? Look no further than Exigo, with market expansion expertise in 120 countries, 40 currencies, and 30 languages. In addition to many built-in expansion features, our Professional Services Team works with clients to deliver proven, powerful performance upgrades, solving specific […]

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