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When the latest trend hits the market, go with Exigo.

Direct sales is all about establishing trends, following fads, and creating powerful promotions. When it takes too long to approve and deploy a promo, it can be a disaster for your customers and company. Exigo is the fastest path in the industry from ideation to expansion to compensation. “As fast as you can think it, we can deploy it.”

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Unique Promotions &

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At Exigo, we know staying ahead of the next industry trend is a daunting task for direct sales companies. Our unrivaled flexibility and extensibility enable clients to customize the platform to suit their specific business needs, launching new promotions and campaigns quickly and tracking real-time performance. With Exigo, direct sales companies spend less time implementing product promotions and more time promoting and enabling teams in the field.

“The ability for us to use the Back Office tools to turn around a new idea, a new product promotion, fast is a huge benefit.”

David Raynes | VP of Internal Operations, Truvy

Whether clients are adapting to trends or launching new products, they can count on Exigo’s customizable platform to perform when they need it to, at scale. Our distributor back office provides access to update content, training, and other resources to help the field adapt faster to market changes. Don’t let a legacy system hold you back – trust in Exigo to know how to grow with you when you need it.

Platform & Services

Exigo is a direct selling software platform that provides powerful commission management, distributor back office tools, business analytics, and eCommerce solutions. The platform streamlines many key direct selling processes, from payments and CRM to reporting, commission testing, and order tracking.


Exigo’s reporting suite features powerful tools that provide businesses with a wide range of analytics and reporting options to understand the business’s customer base and sales organization.

Distributor Back Office

The Distributor Back Office hub helps distributors stay on top of their team’s activities, ranks, achievements, training, product sales numbers, and downline management.


Exigo’s commission engine is designed to deliver lightning-fast commission calculations and reporting, allowing the company to run its profiles faster and more accurately than any other system.


Exigo is a leading provider of eCommerce solutions, offering a range of services designed to help businesses succeed in the digital marketplace.

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