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When time and scale are of the essence, go with Exigo.

Direct selling businesses experience a significant 33% loss in earnings when their product launches are delayed by six months, according to McKinsey & Company. With the Exigo team, you can gain a competitive advantage by bringing new offerings to the market swiftly even in the face of tight deadlines. We’ll support you every step of the way.

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Tapping into the power of Exigo

Getting to Market

We’ve built our reputation on delivering out-of-the-box tools to help businesses control their destiny and keep up with the pace of their business momentum. The Distributor Back Office solution is a prime example of the power of Exigo, allowing customers to develop content, training, and promotions by market and engage with their field in ways that benefit their company the most.

“The customization options that an everyday user, super user, or developer can access go a long way instead of being a cookie-cutter site like some other providers.”

David Raynes | VP of Internal Operations, Truvy

At Exigo, we streamline customer processes, boost revenue, and collapse time to market, revolutionizing the speed and manner in which businesses conduct their direct sales. When you need to keep up with the pace of your business momentum, choose Exigo and join the ranks of direct sales companies that know.

Platform & Services

Exigo is a direct selling software platform that provides powerful commission management, distributor back office tools, business analytics, and eCommerce solutions. The platform streamlines many key direct selling processes, from payments and CRM to reporting, commission testing, and order tracking.

Integration Partners

A range of complementary services and solutions that extend the capabilities and value of the Exigo platform.

Distributor Back Office

The Distributor Back Office hub helps distributors stay on top of their team’s activities, ranks, achievements, training, product sales numbers, and downline management.


Exigo’s commission engine is designed to deliver lightning-fast commission calculations and reporting, allowing the company to run its profiles faster and more accurately than any other system.


Exigo’s reporting suite features powerful tools that provide businesses with a wide range of analytics and reporting options to understand the business’s customer base and sales organization.

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