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When your markets need to grow, go with Exigo.

The whims of the Market push businesses to adapt and pivot swiftly. At Exigo, we understand the challenges you face. This is why our valued clients trust the incredible combination of the Exigo platform and our exceptional Professional Services. Together, we provide the essential solutions for achieving the market growth you seek.

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Where Proven Experience Meets Best-in-Class Professional Services

Are you facing challenges in expanding your market footprint? Look no further than Exigo, with market expansion expertise in 120 countries, 40 currencies, and 30 languages. In addition to many built-in expansion features, our Professional Services Team works with clients to deliver proven, powerful performance upgrades, solving specific pain points and achieving successful launches in under eight weeks.

“Exigo is a platform we can scale up with, a path to never moving platforms again.”

Derrick Raynes | Co-owner and CSO, Truvy

With nearly a thousand implementations under our belt, we’ve helped companies overcome the complexities of international growth and reach new heights of success. Whether it’s your current provider or limited internal resources, don’t let IT delays hold you back. Contact us today and learn why successful direct selling companies chose Exigo.

Platform & Services

Exigo is a direct selling software platform that provides powerful commission management, distributor back office tools, business analytics, and eCommerce solutions. The platform streamlines many key direct selling processes, from payments and CRM to reporting, commission testing, and order tracking.


Exigo’s analytics capabilities are second to none, providing powerful insights into customers, operations, and markets.

Compliance & Security

Exigo takes compliance and security seriously, ensuring businesses can operate safely and securely.


Exigo is a leading provider of eCommerce solutions, offering a range of services designed to help businesses succeed in the digital marketplace.

Exigo Admin

The Exigo Admin is where a client’s primary experience with the platform will take place. All applications appear and are managed through this suite of tools.

Our Clients Love Exigo

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