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What Does It Take to Build an Army of Influencers?

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Micro-influencer programs will obviously look different for every social retail business, but you should be thinking about a few specific things to create one that works for you. First, you have to make it easy for potential influencers, no matter how small, to engage with your business and sign on as champions for your products or services.

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This typically involves creating a program that can attract large numbers of small influencers—and providing a self-serve portal that makes it easy for them to join and participate. Next, you have to find effective ways to motivate your influencers and reward them when they promote and sell your products. This includes providing a fair, consistent way to track and compensate them for their sales contributions. Finally, it’s vitally important to keep the momentum going by incentivizing your current influencers to add new people to the team. This can take a variety of different forms, from simple one-time payments to more sophisticated tiered programs that continually reward experienced influencers for attracting new candidates. (See 3 Keys for Building an Influencer-driven Business below.)

From Our CEO

At Exigo, we know we’ve built the best platform in the industry. We’re the best at what we do. We built the company to help connect people who want and need better lives with the career opportunities that can get them there. That’s where you and your company become the critical piece. Using our decades of combined direct selling experience and knowledge, we provide not only the most powerful back office of the future for all your independent distributors and the retail shops and replicated websites, but we also provide the optimum corporate office with an unmatched commissions engine and all the other tools you need to manage your entire company. With Exigo, we’ll help you grow and build your company the way you want to. And as you grow, your people and the economy win!

About Exigo, Inc.

Based in Lindon, Utah, Exigo has been setting the standard for social and direct sales industry software platforms since 2013. Exigo’s powerful SaaS platform boasts fully configurable management tools that are vital to not only running, but to efficiently tracking and growing a business.

With its focus on providing an intuitive and impactful customer experience to both corporate clients and independent sellers, Exigo has revolutionized the way direct selling businesses can be launched and managed. Through the Exigo Multisided Marketplace, customers are able to choose from multiple external service providers or opt to integrate with their own preferred providers to extend the power of the platform and even override core processes to exactly fit their own needs.

The platform is fully extensible using REST APIs and therefore, able to meet the custom needs of corporate users and independent sellers. Exigo is committed to helping both organizations and their distributors plan for and drive growth. Its vast experience in the direct sales and software industries have proven time and again that the company truly understands how to help clients succeed. To learn more or request a demo, visit directscale.com.

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