You Should Consider a Fully Integrated MLM Software Solution

Why You Should Consider a Fully Integrated MLM Solution

All of Your Integrations in One Place: Utilizing an Extensible Platform

Providing your company’s field leaders with the tools and technologies to succeed helps everyone. Not only does it help the distributors sell more, but it also grows your company’s brand across the spectrum. Utilizing an integrated, extensible platform creates a successful and scalable solution, suitable for several industries.

Software that integrates both front-end and back-end processes simplifies how distributors do their work. With the right MLM software, your sales representatives can use their own Distributor Portal to access sales records, commission reports, and company information across all of their electronic devices. Whether they’re tracking goals, receiving presentation materials and promotions, or communicating with their downline team members, an all-in-one platform can manage the entirety of their network marketing history and projections.

Integrate Into the Future of Direct Marketing

Not only does the right MLM software provide your sales force access to the information they need, but it also integrates seamlessly into an array of pre-existing systems. Whether you need ERP, e-commerce, financial tools, or even a more robust CRM system, integration is customizable so you can partner with companies that provide solutions that work for you. A platform like Exigo offers the flexibility, scalability, and opportunity to take your small marketing start-up to a multi-billion dollar industry leading brand in record time.

Here are just a few of the many cutting-edge business management solutions that can be effortlessly integrated into Exigo’s marketing platform:

Exigo Apart from Our Competition?

Unlike most MLM software providers, Exigo offers distributors and their customers a modern, mobile-first shopping experience that is linked directly from their social media accounts back to your company’s Exigo Portal.

Whether your distributors are using established social media connections to market your products and services or attracting new entrepreneurs to join them; integrating social media platforms into Exigo’s software couldn’t be easier or more user friendly.

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