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Welcome to Exigo. Since its inception, Exigo has been dedicated to empowering businesses to create powerful and engaging experiences for their customers. With a team of passionate engineers, software developers, and business strategists, Exigo has developed a proven, powerful software platform that is both flexible and scalable.

Meet the Exigo Team

Gary Fitzgerald



Gary Fitzgerald leads Exigo with a focus on technological innovation, strategic growth, customer success, and a positive corporate culture. As CEO, he prioritizes crafting and communicating Exigo’s vision, enhancing product offerings, streamlining workflows, and using data to track success.

With over 20 years of leadership experience, including at General Electric and GPS Insight, Fitzgerald has successfully transitioned business models, led acquisitions, and achieved significant revenue increases. His leadership philosophy, rooted in the tech sector, emphasizes innovation and a supportive environment for team members, driving Exigo towards unprecedented growth and market leadership.

Beau Coplin



Beau Coplin brings over 14 years of expertise in the Direct Sales Industry to the table and a stellar leadership tenure at Exigo, having previously served as COO, co-CEO, and CEO. His leadership also extends to Exigo Office: Mexico, a key strategic initiative focused on labor cost reduction, which he was instrumental in establishing.

Prior to his successful tenure at Exigo, Beau left a significant mark at Life Vantage Corporation and MonaVie. At MonaVie, he held the position of Senior Vice President of Information Technology for seven years, during which he oversaw all distributor systems and managed the opening of 20 markets. His consistent track record of strategic oversight and successful market expansion underscores his vital role in any organization.

Rodger Smith

CMO and Utah Division President


Rodger Smith has been a dynamic force in the direct and social selling industry since 2002, leaving a trail of transformative success. As a seasoned entrepreneur, Smith co-founded DirectScale in 2012, following the successful merger of his first technology company in 2010. DirectScale, under Smith’s CEO leadership, completed two successful funding rounds before being acquired by Exigo in late 2022.

Committed to disrupting and enhancing the direct selling industry, Smith started out as an independent sales leader for Xango where he and his team built one of the first replicated websites in the industry. With an extensive background as a consultant, he has supplied invaluable guidance to both corporate executives and leading distributors at some of the largest and most successful global direct selling companies. His indelible contributions to these organizations underscore Smith’s profound impact on the industry. Rodger is very active in his local community and spends a lot of time outdoors hiking, skiing, and traveling with his wife and kids.

Justin Wilkerson



Justin Wilkerson has more than 12 years of experience in delivering enterprise-grade solutions. Having led teams at notable technology companies like GameStop and Finastra (Compushare), Wilkerson has proven himself to be a trusted leader in the tech industry. In 2018, he showcased his entrepreneurial flair by successfully launching a computer virtualization company, following which he joined Exigo, bringing his robust skills to its teams and Platform-as-a-Service.

Wilkerson’s rich background in the technology sector, combined with his successful track record in team leadership, continues to leave a significant footprint at Exigo. His deep expertise in enterprise solutions and proven leadership acumen make him a critical asset to Exigo, driving the company’s continuous growth and fueling its innovative endeavors.

Jack Farris



With 25 years of multifaceted expertise, Jack Farris stands as a seasoned professional who has made significant strides in sales, operational management, and private equity acquisition growth strategies. Both as an employee and owner/partner, he has repeatedly showcased his knack for forming teams that consistently deliver outstanding results for all stakeholders. Farris’ approach combines pain/solution selling and account-based strategy with a rigorous focus on performance metrics.

Farris’ experience encompasses SaaS solutions, the medical field, POS system integration, private equity, infrastructure support, sales, marketing, manufacturing operations, and even flexible packaging/labeling and printing. This impressive breadth of knowledge sets him apart, enabling Farris to bring a unique perspective and a proven track record to every project. Farris continues to leave a lasting impact in every role he undertakes.

Jim Marks

Senior Vice President of Sales, Direct Selling


Jim Marks is a seasoned strategist with a track record in driving growth and developing revenue-generating tactics. He has left significant imprints on organizations including MonaVie, NuSkin, iCentris, and Exigo. His passion for overcoming challenges and inspiring his colleagues has led him to prioritize team development while consistently weaving growth opportunities into the fabric of every organization he touches. Before his tenure at Exigo, Marks harnessed his marketing prowess and sales insight at Exigo, empowering companies to run, know and grow their businesses.

Marks’ comprehensive skill set ranges from corporate marketing, strategy development, and messaging and positioning to team building, vendor/client management, and sales enablement. This skill set, coupled with his relentless dedication to growth, positions him as an indispensable asset to Exigo. Driven by a problem-solving mindset and a deep respect for his colleagues, Marks consistently delivers top-tier results, enabling companies and salespeople to excel in their respective sectors.

John Russell



John Russell showcases more than 15 years of experience in Finance and Operations, bringing knowledge from his tenure at high-net worth Family Offices, Mark Cuban Companies, and a PE-backed services firm with a cloud software offering. He was instrumental in building out the Finance/Accounting, Compliance, and Risk functions in strategic support of Exigo’s growth, notably including the near-shore expansion to Exigo Office: Mexico.

Since joining Exigo, John has made remarkable strides in enhancing the monthly financial reporting cycle and managing Exigo’s complex compliance and multi-tax jurisdiction obligations. An alumnus of Southern Methodist University, John holds a BBA in Finance, with additional coursework in Accounting, and an MBA with a concentration in Finance/Investments. His exceptional finance acumen and strategic foresight have proven instrumental in driving Exigo’s financial success and operational efficiency.

Matthew Eastman



Matt Eastman has extensive experience in the IT and Direct Selling Software industry and uses a hands-on approach in his role as COO. With over 17 years of experience in IT and Direct Selling Software, he has an invaluable breadth of knowledge and hands-on ability. His noteworthy tenure includes 8 years of directing IT work for market expansion projects at two major Direct Selling companies, with annual revenues ranging between $400 million and $900 million.

Since joining the Exigo team in 2015, Matt has demonstrated consistent success, overseeing the delivery of more than 100 new client onboarding projects. He currently leads six teams of IT professionals and simultaneously manages between 6 to 10 client implementation projects. Matt’s leadership, paired with his strategic direction, has been vital in the seamless onboarding and integration of each client onto the Exigo platform.

Meet The Founders

Peter Zielke



Peter Zielke, a distinguished authority in online networking and security, proudly leads as the CEO of Exigo and co-founder of Epic Servers. Over his two-decade tenure at Exigo, Zielke has transformed the industry by pioneering a customizable system through SDKs, a feature that was not previously accessible. Concurrently, as the co-founder of Epic Servers, he crafts tailored co-location, server, connectivity, and bandwidth solutions to meet clients’ specific needs. His remarkable career began at Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems, and has since traversed the IT, security, and network design sectors, marking a journey of continuous growth and achievement.

Not limited by borders, Zielke is a multilingual global citizen fluent in both English and Spanish, with travel spanning over 45 countries. Moreover, he uses his professional success to foster change, being an active supporter of children’s rights through contributions to UNICEF and World Vision. As a member of the Information Systems Audit and Control Association, Zielke’s dedication to advancing the information systems industry is clear. His unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation underpins his career, distinguishing him as a leader in his field.

David Thompson



David Thompson, an entrepreneur with a successful track record spanning over two decades, has pioneered three technology-centric enterprises, cementing his reputation as a problem solver and innovator. Known for his commitment to delivering bespoke tools and education, he consistently supplies exceptional value to his clients.

Thompson brings more than 25 years of experience in technology and software architecture to the table. He has been instrumental in evolving Exigo from a nascent idea to the leader in global incentive management for Direct Sales and Network Marketing companies. Prior to Exigo, Thompson launched a consulting company, devising enterprise solutions for high-profile clients such as MBNA Bank and the Internal Revenue Service.

Thompson’s passion extends beyond business; he is an active advocate for education and personal growth. He has been pivotal in launching EpicU, a 501(c)(3) organization with a mission to impart coding skills to anyone showing determination and aptitude, irrespective of their educational background or experience. Thompson’s approach to fostering a company culture emphasizes potential and growth over perfection, a philosophy that has been key to his enduring success.

Ed Jarrin



Ed Jarrin, a luminary in the Direct Selling industry, has been at the forefront of Operations and IT since 1995. Fueled by a unique blend of passion for the industry and a keen interest in technology, Jarrin co-founded Exigo in 2000, carving a niche for himself in the sector.

Over the span of his noteworthy career, Jarrin has lent his expertise to an impressive roster of Direct Selling companies, many of which are industry behemoths. His role in crafting robust, seamless end-to-end solutions has redefined the way these enterprises tackle technological challenges. Jarrin’s success in helping industry giants to surmount complex obstacles highlights his in-depth comprehension of the Direct Selling field and underscores his crucial role in sculpting its technological trajectory. His impact is not only marked by the number of companies he has aided but also by the lasting changes he has introduced to the industry.

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